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In 2003 the den Arend-Heikkinen family came from Holland to live in Penttilä kartano, a mansion which was built under Russian rule in the nineteenth century. Lucien den Arend is a sculptor, who has built up an oeuvre consisting of numerous public sculptures. A part of his larger works are now permanently exhibited on the grounds of Penttilä.

Various artists have stayed at the Penttilä artist in residence guest house. There one can recharge the creative batteries and also work. Artists - painters, sculptors, graphic artists, photographers, writers, poets, musicians, actors, architects, dancers can spend a period of time and rest or work.

If you are interested write an email to Lucien den Arend (lucienatdenarenddotcom) and ask about the possibilities and availability of what you may need. We have the accommodation and natural location and necessary professional know-how. The number of residing artists is limited. We have lots of space but limited accommodation - and we don't aspire to ever be a busy artist in residence center.

artist in residence location in the south east of Finland + a secluded place on a lake

from the sculpture garden we can see Lake Synsiö with Pentinmäki in the mist

artists can walk along the forgotten sand roads or hike and explore lakes, streams, rapids hills, various types of forest and rest at sunny secluded spots in the vast forests or sit on the lake shore. We have a rowboat at your disposal. When you wish you can take a sauna on the lake shore and if you want to use it outside of the traditional Wednesday and Saturday evenings, I will teach you how to heat the wood stove (kiuas).

Lucien den Arend



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